The Department of Surveying has 16 Academic staff and 3 support staff, five of whom are PhD holders. The talents and expertise of our staff extend far beyond the lecture room. They are contributing to Research work and making a difference literally all over the globe. The Department is continually improving the skills and knowledge of the staff through workshops and seminars. The ultimate goal of this strong staff foundation is to provide a world-class education experience to our students in every way possible. Our Staff pays attention to the technical work and projects to equip our Graduates with exceptional real-world experience. This is accomplished by balancing the Lecture room knowledge against problems that require creative and systematic application of concepts studied

Academic Staff

Our Academic staff is tasked with the role of delivering knowledge through Lectures, Presentations and Talks. Their scope involves carrying out both teaching and research. In the process, they are responsible for setting and assessing students through written or practical tests and examinations.
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Support Staff

The support staff is composed of the Technician, Secretary and the Office Assistant and their major role is to aid the Academic staff in accomplishing their objectives. The Technician coordinates practical field work and projects by managing equipment while guiding the students on best practices. The Secretary oversees the activities of the Chair of Department’s Office. The Office assistant is charged with delivery of information to and from the Department.
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