The department mainly offers Bachelor of Science in Surveying. The alumni of the department have specialized in fields like Engineering Surveying, Geodesy, Geographical Information Science and Technology, Remote Sensing and Land Management at their masters and PhD levels from the best Universities abroad. Presently, the department has no postgraduate courses. However, the department will be offering a master’s in Geo Information Technology starting with the academi year 2011/2012.

The Bachelor of Science in Surveying is 4-Year program. The program is divided into two semesters per year. There is an examination at the end of each semester accounting for 60% of the Program Assessment. Course work (tests, assignments and practicals) contribute 40% of the assessment. The department is in the process of reviewing the curriculum for Bsc. Surveying. Under the reviewed curriculum the program (Bachelor of Land Surveying and Geomatics) shall generally involve a lot of Mathematics, Computer Programming for Geomatics Applications, Geographical Information Systems, Satellite Remote Sensing , Geodesy, Land Management, Surveying and Mapping.
It is important to note too, that the department coordinates a Masters programme, MSc Land Management, with Royal Technical Institute, KTH, of Sweden.

Undergraduate Programmes

The survey department looks out for distinctive students who exhibit energy, curiosity and a love of learning in their classes and lives.

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Prospective Students

The Department is in the process of restructuring the program to include Undergraduate, Graduate and Internship Programmes

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Different scholarships are offered under the department for both undergraduate and post graduate students.

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