The demand for Surveyors is much higher than it has ever been before. In an effort to produce the best and brightest, the Department of Surveying is going beyond traditional lecturing methods to better establish its brand with staff and students who are relevant to society especially in the field of surveying.

To accomplish this, the Surveying Department has established a research enterprise which supports research priorities in the vast fields of geospatial technologies, geoidal modelling, land information systems, Geographical Information Systems applications and remote sensing applications to mention a few.

To foster the success of the research in undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels, the Department collaborates with institutions like SIDA/SAREC, Institution of Surveyors of Uganda, Department of Geomatics – Newcastle University, Uganda National Council for Science and Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and the Centre for Geoinformatics – University of Salzburg.

We build on our strengths when creating programs, recruiting faculty, purchasing equipment, and supporting interdisciplinary programs. The Department of Surveying is committed to successfully bringing staff, students and employers together through the research enterprise.

Researchers and Research Areas

With Professors and Doctors in the Department, we are committed to supporting Research. Check out the Areas we have ventured into

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Conferences and Workshops

The Department regularly conducts workshops on different Educational and Technical subjects. Check out our full list of workshops

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Read through some of our top notch publications and papers we have submitted to top Engineering Journals and Conferences

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