Global Grand Challenges Summit 2019

GGCS Satellite Event

Engineering in an unpredictable world

16-19 September 2019


Engineering in an unpredictable world

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges from a population growing to 10 billion by 2050, and accelerating degradation of the planet and its resources. At the same time, exponential technological changes are making the world smarter, faster and more connected, but with unanticipated consequences.

Engineers are crucial to the international effort to address these rapidly evolving, unpredictable challenges. We need to embed collaboration, diversity, and global responsibility into the solutions we create, transforming the way engineers work, think, and are taught.

Engineers have the power to help make a better world for the citizens of 2050, but only if we transform engineering and embrace that responsibility today.

GGSC Satellite Event

To ensure that the Global Grand Challenges Summit is a truly global event, the Royal Academy of Engineering is holding an open call for organisations to design and host a satellite event which will be directly linked to the Summit in London, funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). The Royal Academy of Engineering is funding 6 satellite events globally. One of such events will be hosted by CEDAT at Makerere University . The aim of the Satellite events will be to engage a wider audience with the globally relevant themes and discussion of the Summit beyond the Global Grand Challenges Summit’s immediate partners within the UK, USA and China. For details visit, development/ggcs/2019/welcome



Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other transformational technologies change humanity for the better?

Can we sustain 10 billion people ?

Event Topics:

  • AI Hands-on training session(Makerere/Leeds)
  • AI and Ethics
  • Transformation Impact of Engineering on Humanity
  • Live stream [Future Cities]
  • Live stream [The role of Engineering in an unpredicted world]
  • Inovations Skills Workshop
  • Live stream("Stations" will be streamed from the GGSC sumit in London)

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