Name: Mrs. Amanda A. Ngabirano
Designation: Assistant Lecturer 
Department: Architecture & Physical planning 
Professional Background: Urban and Regional Planning
Research Interests: Urban mobility, quality of public space, accesibility, informal urban transport, housing and transportation, smart cities. 
Courses Taught: Traffic & Transportation Planning, Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning, Regional Planning Principles and Techniques, Planning Philosophy and Theory.
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Brief Biography

Dr. Amanda Ngabirano is an urban and regional planner, with more than 7 years of professional experience in the area of urban development, particularly in Uganda.  Notably, she is one of the lecturers at Makerere University, with a special interest in linking research and practice. She studied Bachelor of Urban Planning at Makerere University, and a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning and Development, at Saxion University, Netherlands, and University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. She has particular interest in urban mobility and its obvious informalities in East African cities. Because of this Amanda has been engaged in several urban mobility-related projects in various capacities.  She has also conducted research on informality and transport complexities, road safety and quality of public space in Kampala, in partnership with other local and international researchers. Her understanding of the local land use, social and mobility context places her in a good position to contribute towards the process of relevant and meaningful planning, and this is evidenced in projects where she has been involved by various entities.  She has coordinated, supervised and monitored the delivery of several project deliverables, and has established a good working relationship with key national and local planning authorities in Uganda.

She is currently coordinating the regional urban mobility project for sustainable and inclusive transport, which is being implemented in Kenya and Uganda. She is great at networking and forming synergies, given her exposure, the multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional nature of her profession and her rich experience.  Her passion and commitment towards urban development and mobility planning is unrivalled.  Amanda is also an admirable and experienced international speaker, particularly on mobility and integrated land use planning.