Manga Musa

Name: Dr. Manga Musa
Profession: Environmental Engineer/ Construction Manager
Designation: Lecturer
Department: Department of Construction Economics & Management
Academic Background: – Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK
– Best Student – MSc (Eng.) Environmental Engineering and Project Management for a 2010-2011 Academic year, School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK
– MSc (Eng.) Environmental Engineering & Project Management (Distinction Degree), School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK 
– BSc (Hon) Construction Management (First Class Degree), Makerere University
– Ordinary National Diploma in Architectural Design and Draughtsmanship (ADD), Uganda Technical College, Uganda
Courses Taught: Postgraduate
CIV 7102: Environmental Studies,
CMG 8104: Principles of Construction Designs
TEC 7200: Research Methods, 
CMG 3101: Construction Technology III,
CMG 3106: Construction Technology III,
QUS 2202: Building Services,
CMG 3201: Professional Practice Procedure and Ethics
Additional Responsibilities: Postgraduate Programs Assistant Coordinator
Telephone Number: +256-702965158 / +256-392 965158
Office Number: 4020

a) Research interests (Construction Engineering and Management)

  • Application of construction management and costing techniques in evaluation of Environmental engineering infrastructures (Lifecycle costing- Economic and Financial Costing).
  • Construction methods improvement to reduce environmental impact; Pollution production during construction activities plus estimation and forecasting of pollution emissions from construction equipment fleets.
  • Lean construction, Optimization of resource utilization during the construction and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure systems.
  • Sustainable construction practices and management; Sustainable project financing and development; Facility life-cycle management.
  • Change management, conflict resolution, and process integration during the design and development of large-scale civil engineering systems.
  • Construction health and safety; Project risk analysis and management.
  • Solid waste management on Construction Projects.

b) Research interests (Water, Sanitation and Environmental Engineering)

  • Faecal sludge management- development of effective strategies for management and disposal of feacal sludge focusing on resource recovery and pathogen inactivation, modeling of pathogen die-off in on-site sanitation facilities, faecal sludge characterization and mapping.
  • Pathogen and Faecal hazards flow in urban environments.
  • Resource recovery from solid wastes, faecal and sewage sludge.
  • Alternatives to conventional water borne sewerage in dense urban areas
  • Optimization of Human excreta and Wastewater treatment systems.
  • Life cycle costing (Economic and Financial Costing) of water and sanitation programmes.
  • Effectiveness of rural sanitation programmes.
  • Sustainability and equity in community-wide approaches which eliminate open defecation.
  • Environmental and Public health risks associated with faecal sludge management practices in communities.