Department of Visual Communication, Design and Multimedia

The department of Visual Communication Design and Multimedia is one of the three departments in The Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts (MTSIFA), under the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology(CEDAT). The department programmes provide a more in-depth understanding of the visual communication design field in relation to the ever-advancing modern design technology and industrial growth challenges in Uganda.

The Visual Communication Design and Multimedia programmes address specific demands and enable students cultivate a sense of focus and concentration in specialized design areas in order to ably serve and contribute to the community development. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The programme provides learners with theory, practice and the modern technology.   DVCDM houses areas of study that include animation, graphic design, sound production, 3D modelling, web site design, game design and interactive media design, social design, professional practice and management among others.

The department trains highly skilled and competent visual communication and multimedia personnel to serve in the different sectors of the economy including operations, research and training institutions.

Department Programme objectives are:

  • To impart an in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge and research in emerging trends, theories, methodologies, practices, materials in visual communication design and multimedia
  • to equip technical proficiency in; processes, tools, software, techniques, methods and materials to meet specific demands for contemporary visual communication design challenges in the country
  • To build the learner into a professional researcher and designer through in-depth research in studio/workshop/lab and practice
  • To enable the learner to innovatively apply their creative skills and to adapt to ever advancing technology and market demands.
  • To empower learners to integrate and apply the acquired design practices, knowledge and skill in the real work environment.

Department Staff

Amanda TumusiimeAssociate Professor, Dean
Paul LubowaLecturer
Kabiito RichardLecturer
Sematimba JosephLecturer
Raymond NserekoLecturer
Annette Nakimbugwe SebbaLecturer
Patrick SserunjogiAssistant Lecturer
Spencer MuhiireAssistant Lecturer
Richard Kamya LukengeAssistant Lecturer
BVCDDrawing, Art History, Design Computing, Entrepreneurship &Business Practice, Research, Photography, Printing, Media Design, Graphic Illustration, Field Attachment, ExhibitionPhotography Design, Graphic Illustration, Printing Production


The programme is intended for people in the following categories:

  • Aspiring designers with entry requirements from largely ‘A’ Level certificate holders.
  • Practicing designers and other graduates (degree and diploma) who are employed in various organizations, private and government sectors who want further knowledge and training in contemporary design practices and experiences.
  • Specialized teachers/instructors who want to enhance their teaching methods and technical skills in design.

The main basis for the programme is to create a job creator and independent designer in the increasing competitive world. However, graduates of BVCD can have opportunities as:

a) Designers in the media houses

b) Established design houses

c) Researchers in established firms

d) Marketers of both art/design and any other products

e) Web designers, photographers, animators, illustrators, design journalist, information designer, interactive multimedia designer, design educator and graphic designer