The 90th College Guild Council hands over office

The outgoing College Guild Council at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology handed over the instruments of power to the incoming team at a ceremony witnesses by the college leadership, Friday 26th April, 2024. The incoming leadership is expected to run the office for nine months.

Mr. Abdurrahman Kabugo

In his hand over remarks, Mr. Abdurrahman Kabugo commended the college leadership for the support rendered to them as student leadership that made their work smooth.   
He pointed out a number of things addressed by the leadership of the college that include the repair of the elevator, having the college open 24/7, attending to the needed infrastructure repairs and maintenance such as the repair of the student leader’s offices, and the improved sanitation of the surroundings in the college.

While addressing himself to the incoming cabinet, Mr. Kabugo informed them that they can do a lot and that everything was possible as long as they were strategic in their approach, and gave them the assurance that the college leadership was ready to support them, more especially with student innovations.

‘We are proud of you Professor Moses Musinguzi and Assoc. Professor Kizito Maria Kasule and the entire college leadership for the support rendered to the students through the student leaders which enabled us achieve a lot during our tenure, said the outgoing CGC Chairperson’. He cautioned the incoming leadership about the inadequate funding at the college level and encouraged them to set priorities, and patience as they seek for resources from the college.

Prof. Moses Musinguzi, the Principal CEDAT

Prof. Moses Musinguzi, the Principal CEDAT commended the outgoing leadership led by Mr. Kabugo Abdurrahman for a job well done. I may not thank you in person but I think through your leader, you have done a very great job. As a college we try to discuss and listen to you whenever there are issues and if it is not in your best interest, we discard it. The students and college leadership have to work together and do what is in your interest, he said, while emphasizing that the college leadership and staff were in their respective positions to serve the interest of the students. 

The Principal charged the incoming student leaders to work on four major areas namely hygiene of the college in order to realize a conducive environment, support the enforcement of teaching and learning by addressing the problem of teacher’s absenteeism, promotion of the student innovations as well as enforcement of the anti-sexual harassment policy of the University.

Assoc. Prof. Kasule Maria Kizito.

Assoc. Prof. Kasule Maria Kizito , the Deputy Principal who also witnessed the handover of power  said responsible  leadership was a divine call and from that perspective a service.  You are being put into positions of responsibility to serve your colleagues and the college.  As leaders you will find so many problems but always have determination be disciplined, and set good examples for yourselves and others, he said. He cautioned them against indulging into unnecessary student’s cheap politics and confrontational language which can derail others. This he said cannot make us a name, neither can it resolve problems.

While speaking on behalf of the Dean, School of Engineering, Dr. Abubaker Matovu Wasswa told the incoming leadership that assuming such positions of responsibility was a duty and therefore must serve.   He encouraged them to get acquainted with the University Policies and Guidelines

Dr. Abubaker Matovu Wasswa

Please note that this is a duty and there’s no amount of money that is going to be paid to you for the service, he said affirming the fact that they presented themselves for leadership because they were willing to serve. He said the leaders of the college depend on them and as student leaders, they were the first point of contact for the leaders before reaching the general student masses. He regretted to note that on many occasions mistakes were made for instance in the hierarchy of reporting, and resolution of challenges faced by students.  I have been to international universities whereby the student leaders during the orientation week take all the fresh through the student’s regulations. You are supposed to be tutors and mentors for the students, he said in regard to the need to appreciate the University rules and regulations.

Assoc. Prof. Anthony Gidudu

Assoc. Prof. Anthony Gidudu, the Dean School of the Built Environment while congratulating the incoming and outgoing leaders said the college leadership did not have any conflict with the outgoing team and that the achievements realized were not by mistake.  Please know that we are on the same side and we want the same things you want to succeed and therefore we never have to be antagonistic, he said.

Esther Kyomugisha who spoke on behalf of the College Registrar urged the student leaders to utilize the services of the office of the college registrar which handles a lot of academic related issues. She urged them to avoid involvement in malpractices but instead as leaders be exemplary both personally and academically.

By Harriet Musinguzi, Principal Communication Officer, MAK-CEDAT