Bachelor of Fine Art


Course Description Basic elements and organization of forms based on principles of design. The making of chiaroscuro in the different expressions in design, in both two and three dimension as related to design. The use of black and white for graphic composition and presentation Prerequisite: None. Course objectives The student will be able to: Employ...
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Course Description The visual arts traverse all academic practical disciplines taught at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts plus all other art schools elsewhere in the world. A parallel but dual purpose style teaching approach will be employed when giving lectures to students to allow them compare similarities and differences between Visual...
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Rationale/Course Description The course equips the student with proficiency in reading, and ability to communicate both orally and in writing. Objectives/Aims To provide the student with reading, listening, speaking and interaction skills. To help the student develop interpersonal skills, conduct and interaction in a work place To equip students with report writing and presentation skills....
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