MAF 7101 Research Methods

Course Description

This course is designed to synthesize the knowledge and skills developed in previous research courses and apply them to the research process at graduate level. Students learn about all aspects of the process of developing and carrying out research at graduate level, and they gain an understanding of standards and expectations that students need to meet to be successful in completing the dissertation process during their final semester.

Course objectives

The main aim of this course is to provide the student with an opportunity to grasp the critical research methods pertinent to graduate research. Specifically, students in this advanced research course will gain a better understanding of how to accomplish the following actions:

  • Select a research problem
  • Carry comprehensive literature review
  • Select an appropriate research design, and methods of data collection
  • Organize and manageĀ  qualitative and quantitative data
  • Write a feasible research proposal in the chosen discipline of study at masters level.
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