MAF 7122 Independent Study- Painting I

Course Description:

Independent study – Painting I is a methodical study dealing with the theoretical and practical based procedures towards developing body of work in self-directed studio investigation based on individual set objectives. Through the studio designing process, student/s should demonstrate consistence and competence in concept development, academic research and studio growth. In the Independent study, the student/s should carry out preliminary studies by way of sketches and reading about the topic identified in order to gain the ability to produce a project brief, organize sketches, and acquire self-judgment skills. However, students have the option to use any medium of their choice. At the end of the semester, student/s will be expected to mount an exhibition of the produced body of work together with the sketches, write up of the studio philosophy of the artist and content of the produced work.

Course Objectives:

  • To help student acquire knowledge to translate theoretical problem/s into researched    painterly ideas
  • To prepare the student to the point where they can produce art from the first layout to completion, incorporating intuition and self-expression.
  • To expand awareness of the technique of painting and to expose students to issues      relevant to contemporary painting
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