MAF 7126 Foundations Of History Of Art

Course Description

Approaches to art history; historical, philosophical, theory/criticism, sociological, anthropological, experimental, archaeological etc. The course gives an in-depth study of the Major stylistic art movements of the modern and post- modern periods (causes, trends and effects); Issues in contemporary art in a globalised world with focus on East Africa. The course exposes the learner to a wide range of the approaches to art history, which in turn acts as a foundation to the eventual establishment of choice of research areas and career.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to:

  • 1. Acquaint the learner with the fundamentals of art history.
  • 2. Expose the learner to the major causes, trends and effects on world art history from the        modern up to the contemporary era.
  • 3.  Enable the learner to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary art of East Africa.
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