MAF 7127 Independent Study History Of Art I

Course Description

Study of indigenous changing art forms in pre-colonial East Africa; their different forms of manifestation, roles and distribution. The notion of art and design in the pre-colonial East African context. The growth and development of indigenous pre-colonial East African aesthetics with reference to Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankore, Nyamwezi, Makonde and Swahili coastal cultures. The relationship between performing and visual arts. Indigenous art and design training in Pre-colonial East Africa with reference to carving, bark-cloth, pottery, black smith and painting.

Course Objectives

This course is intended to:

  • 1. Expose the learners to the different forms of indigenous art forms.
  • 2. Acquaint the learners with the philosophy of indigenous aesthetics.
  • 3. Enable the learners to acquire in-depth knowledge of the different systems of indigenous art ¬†and design-making skills.
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