MAF 7129 History Of Textile Design

Course Description

This course introduces students to the historical aspects related to the field of textile and fabric decoration. Students are introduced to the meaning of textiles in the broader context of culture. Students explore the production techniques, cultural influences and social significance of textiles and clothing. History of textiles in African traditional societies; history of textiles in non-African societies; the Industrial revolution and its contribution to the textile industry; contemporary approaches to textile design and surface decoration. Students shall be introduced to the essential theoretical paradigms that situate textiles in the broader domain of art and cultural anthropology; design and gender studies.

Course Objectives

  • To enable learners develop the cognitive skills, knowledge and historical, theoretical and cultural awareness      required for critically evaluating textile design and articulating the place of their practice within the context of contemporary (and future) design practice.
  • Evaluate the work of innovators within design and produce original design outcomes to          communicate meaning within client-based and non-commercial genres.
  • To enable learners apply the knowledge and technical skills learnt from the textile history into their studio work.
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