MAF 7137 Independent Study – Illustration I

Course Description

The course will enable Student to Explore with the concepts and an in-depth conceptual approach to media use, and technical interpretations in illustration. Students will gain skills of manipulating Expressive materials, Line and opaque media. It will emphasize analysis of relationships and importance of  visual communication, draftsmanship and colour in illustration.

Further analysis of observational drawing and painting, building on figure form, objective studies, light, interiors and exteriors environment, on -the-spot illustrative, dramatic composition and effective combination of media.  Students explore how light, colour, design, and environment contribute to the makeup of a situation. Students will Visit to public places, recording oral and visual information.

Course Objectives

The course aims at enabling students to:

  • Analyze the theoretical base knowledge of  media based  illustrative drawing
  • Demonstrate the potential of  expressive materials and opaque media in relation to visual         communication
  • Appropriately explore with colour, while emphasizing draftsmanship
  • Creatively apply Technique and conceptual approach to media as they discover the   technical interpretation s in illustration.
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