Course Description:

Painting II, is a continuation of Painting I, with increased emphasis on developing a personal direction and focus in painting. Students in Painting II are expected to further have an in-depth understanding of the identified problem and its implication in terms of studio investigation. Clear set goals and methodologies for studio practice which are thematically related; must be adopted at this stage and must result into the creation of a coherent body of work. Students should be self-directed to produce works that are logically presented.

(Beginning with the simple to more advanced handling of the medium; signifying composition, then light colours in the first application, going deeper into the scholarly representation of form and colour designating mastery the medium and depth in the given area. For plan A)

Course Objectives:

The course is intended to enable students to:

  • Learn the procedures for addressing painterly problems, and  be able to set out painting goals that would for guide them while executing their practical projects.
  • Generate a consistent body of work as a portfolio assortment for producing the          subsequent paintings.
  • Become independent and self-directed while dealing with assignments, commissions obtained in future and any painterly concerns presented to the student.
  • Handle advanced painterly projects with scholarly and masterly approach and  procedure (modus operandi)
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