Course Description

The course focuses on development of a theme-oriented major fashion collection that represents learners’ analytical and critical examination of their physical and cultural environment; historical, current and popular traditions and how they influence fashion; Learners embark on a self-initiated and self-managed project, and are encouraged to seek their personal direction in fashion design in order to develop their full potential while reaching professional standards in portfolio presentation; exploration of advanced couture techniques and design details.

Course Objectives

The course shall enable learners to:

  • Develop and realize self-directed and self-managed projects that demonstrate professional competency and a high degree of research.
  • Critically analyze their immediate socio-cultural environment to generate new ideas for fashion design.
  • Creatively apply appropriate design strategies to address social issues yet generating new insight in the fashion discipline.
  • Consider ethical issues when selecting appropriate design strategies.
  • Practice and gain research skills through artistic production, and to achieve professional competence in textile and surface decoration.
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