Course Description

The course enables student to acquire a high level of the practical skills within the context of the investigative research. It enables further development of a personal illustration style through encouraging experimentation and exploration of innovation within image-making and visual thinking; core skills developed: research methodologies; contextualization of the student’s work both professionally and culturally; practical project experimentation; critical and reflective evaluation.

The course covers aspects of in-depth study of business of illustration, including marketing of art. Preparations of works reproductions and presentation of portfolio. Research, visits, discussions of business matters related to professional illustration

The  course gives students the opportunity to develop a project from proposal to final exhibition; students research the content, materials and technical skills appropriate to their project, and produce written as well as practical work exploring the chosen subject area and its relationship to contemporary illustration  practice. The course covers the essentials of digitally produced presentations for promotional illustration, and self-promotion as a portfolio. It also emphasizes contextualization of practice,


Course Objectives

Students should be able to:

  • Illustration as research; procedures and processes of visual research
  • Plan for research management  and produce an Illustration proposal under a topic
  • Investigate the contemporary illustration practice, within stipulated methodologies
  • Document and analyze findings within a framework
  • Practically participate and explore the  area  of investigation within a defined community
  • Resolve an illustration problem with a project report  and digital portfolio and  presentation
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