MAF7116 History Of Ceramics

Course Description:

Issues of history of pottery as opposed to advanced ceramics. The archeological finds in Uganda’s history and the briefs in African and world ceramic cultures. Uganda’s Pottery History. The advent of the glazed surfaces, surfaces with smoked pottery. History of pottery and ceramics consumption. Contemporary trends in ceramics – China, Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. Trends in pottery since 1960’s to 2000’s.

Course Objectives:

The course is intended to enable students to:

  • Acquire advanced skills in writing about his of pottery within the context of studio and industrial ceramics and pottery history.
  • Critique issues in ceramic ideas that are rooted in the history of design and ceramic material development.
  • Use the knowledge acquired to be leader in the ceramic discourse in the areas of production and use.
  • Deal with the history and development of ceramic ideas, and how they have changed over the period of time.
  • Use ceramic theory as a means of communications both for the local and international ceramics objects.
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