MAF7130 Independent Study- Textile Design I

Course Description

The MA Textile Design is a studio-based, practice-led course demanding a high level of commitment and motivation. Underpinned by a supportive theoretical framework and instruction in professional contemporary practice, it allows for collaborative opportunities for developing pioneering work within the textile industry. Under the independent study, MAFA students will be expected to design a thematic theoretically informed proposal upon which the production of studio bases researched work will be based. In the first Semester, the MAFA Textile design student will be expected to explore in details the different techniques and methods of textile designing using various materials. The work produced during this semester must demonstrate exceptional ability in design and concept development.

Course Objectives

  • To equip learner with historical knowledge about the changing trends of textile designing
  • To help students appreciate the locally available textile designing work, the different techniques and methods of textile designing.
  • To help learner experiment with different techniques ant methods of textile designing in their studio work.
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