Course Description

With increasing noise and air pollution nationally and globally, it is necessary to be familiar with basic information regarding air and noise pollution to allow proper assessment of impacts arising from the various projects or activities and devising appropriate mitigation or control measures. In this respect, the Air and Noise Pollution course is subdivided into three sections: the general introductory, air pollution and noise pollution sections. The general introductory section covers information on national standards and regulations governing air and noise levels; definitions of air pollution and noise pollution. The air pollution section includes aspects on: sources, types and effects of air pollutants, air pollution sources; ambient air/ or and emission measurement and monitoring including sampling procedures; minimization and control of emissions; indoor air pollution and control. The noise pollution section covers sources, characteristics and effects of industrial, transportation and urban noise; measurement, assessment and evaluation of noise; control of noise and protection of recipients.


  • The purpose of this course is to give the students an overview of air and noise pollution including methods for prevention, control, measures and management of the pollution.
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