Course Description

This course focuses on stability of natural slopes and stability considerations related to man-made cuts and fills. Focus will be on the conditions up to and until the slide is initiated. Post-failure description and mass transport will not  be handled. The course participants will be introduced to the different slide mechanisms and the conditions of their occurrence. Theory and principles governing stability of slopes will be handled ranging from simple hand calculations to finite element simulations. The course will also include some international case records of landslides.


  • Gain knowledge of the effective engineering approaches for identifying and analyzing unstable slopes.
  • Understand the different slide mechanisms
  • Understand how landslides and other slope displacements due to natural causes and human activities are identified and mitigated against.
  • Understand the different slope stabilization techniques, their applicability and limitations.
  • Introduce the participants to LE and FE-codes commonly used in analyzing slope stability.
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