TID 8102 Safety, Health and Environment Management

Course Description

This multidisciplinary course provides specialized advanced training for graduates or occupational health and safety practitioners with an emphasis on risk and safety management and occupational injury, disease prevention and environmental protection. This course has an emphasis on practical and theoretical occupational health and safety (OHS) skills with a strong mix of science and technical practical and theoretical knowledge in the core discipline areas of risk management and accident prevention, ergonomics, occupational hygiene, health and safety economics and management, and compensation and injury management. There is an emphasis on industry based assessment and the development of practical skills.

Course Objectives

This unit covers legislative concepts underpinning contemporary occupational health and safety in occupational health and safety management systems by the application of key managerial principles, functions and skills within an organization. The unit also covers accident inv TID 8102    Safety, Health and Environment Managementestigation, safety management plans and environment protection.

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