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This course concentrates on the study of launching of new business enterprises. It covers identification of the business idea, preparation of business plans, methods for evaluating new venture ideas, formulation and implementation of business strategies for new ventures, and the financing of new ventures.  The course utilizes lecture, discussion, exercise, videotape, and case study as methods of learning.  It integrates knowledge gained from the prior core business courses to sharpen the student’s ability to “think entrepreneurially” and form new ventures.

Course objectives:

  • To prepare students to become competent in the traditional areas of management: accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and production by developing the capability and capacity to “think entrepreneurially” about a venture;
  • To build entrepreneurial and new venture formation skills;
  • To offer opportunities in planning and evaluating new business ventures;
  • To develop effective team work skills;
  • To develop and present a comprehensive business plan;
  • To reflect on new learning attained through this course and how this learning can assist in personal growth.
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