Course description:

Modeling and Simulation as a course is intended to help students develop a good level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of systems, and of the systems as a whole. The underlying principles will primarily place focus on how models and simulations can be usefully applied in planning to enhance decision-making. The greatest value of modeling and simulation is their ability to effect a time and space compression on systems, essentially allowing one to perceive, in a matter of minutes, interactions that would normally unfold over very lengthy time periods. This examination of urban systems from such a perspective has the potential to provide theories that are applicable to our cities that are becoming more complex in a highly dynamic world.


  • To develop an understanding of the interactions of urban system components and the urban systems themselves as a whole
  • To develop an awareness of the interrelationships between/among different urban system components.
  • To develop an ability to critically identify, observe and analyze detail/dynamic complexities of diverse urban systems.
  • To develop ability to devise effective solutions to address complex urban system problems.
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