Architectural drawingThe Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) on 25th May 2011 granted full accreditation to the Bachelor of Architecture programme. The CAA accreditation is the most prestigious accreditation of architecture programmes internationally and has an established multilateral system for the validation of courses in architecture. The accreditation follows an inspection of the college by a seven-man team from the CAA on Monday which was engaged in various exercises aimed at accessing the programme. The team recommended more funding for research so that staff can carry out research and be more knowledgeable. Timely accreditation According to Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Principal of the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology, where architecture department falls, the accreditation is timely and urged other departments to work as hard as the architecture one. Established in 1984, the Department of Architecture has enjoyed a rich and diverse experience in training students from all walks of life both within Uganda and all over East Africa. The programme is reviewed after every five years At present, the department’s annual intake has reached thirty students on average. Read more: (Daily Monitor) Attachments

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