Rose Hill, Mauritius (29 January 2013) – The National Youth Council (NYC) is organizing an International Youth Forum (IYF), a premier in Mauritius this October. This first step will, hopefully, become a custom each year to bring together the best youth leaders from around the globe under one hub to discuss on contemporary issues and take resolutions – Global Objectives, Collaborative Actions.

Due to the incessant changes we are experiencing, we are all brought before the same objective: deciding what actions to take considering that we cannot make certain projections for the future. This is definitely a global challenge, and in this networked world, working collaboratively in all scopes is essential to overcome it.

As for organisations, challenges are multiplied. They must find ways to adapt to new generations and technological developments without disregarding their performance. Moreover, the social context has given a higher relevance to the role of NGOs, and has led traditional companies to try to find a way of connecting with society. It has also brought about the emergence of social enterprises, which are nowadays facing several obstacles to develop. When analyzing from a national perspective, challenges become huge. Resource management and international relations are key factors to take into account in order to reach a solution.

The goal of the International Youth Forum (IYF) 2013 is to promote collaborative actions which will enable future leaders to cope with the challenges they may encounter in any of the scopes, and generate a change in any of them. This 8-day forum will hold discussions and debates on contemporary issues, including – leadership, youth and politics, humanities, entrepreneurship, career, unemployment, social work, volunteerism, environment, culture & tradition and others.

The event will explore topics of global relevance and particularly applicable to the reality of Africa and Asia. The National Youth Council (NYC) of Mauritius believes that, through dialogue and interaction between the current leaders and the future leaders, a contribution to the sustainable development of the region can be made.

We are inviting eligible candidates to apply and be part of this remarkable gathering. Only 200 delegates will be selected by a jury panel, which will include university professors, CEOs of various companies and Board members of the NYC.

We would be grateful if you could kindly disseminate this information as widely as possible, and encourage creating a responsible youth citizenship imbued with multidisciplinary skills that would contribute efficiently and effectively in all spheres of the development of the world.

Early submissions are encouraged. Further information, including guidelines, regulations and application form can be found at the International Youth Forum (IYF), Mauritius 2013 website: (Deadline for online application: 30 March 2013)


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