CEDAT Admin Encourages Discipline among Freshers

DSC_0241The Principal, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), Prof. Henry Alinaitwe has advised fresher’s to shun actions that will hinder them from successfully  pursuing their academics at Makerere University. Speaking to over 200 students during the freshers orientation meeting on 14th August 2017, Prof. Alinaitwe cautioned students on excessive drinking of alcohol and womanizing, saying the two habits have greatly affected student’s academic performance and leading others to drop out from school.

Addressing the freshers in the Makerere University CEDAT Conference Hall, Prof. Alinaitwe encouraged students to maintain a self-disciplined character and utilize their campus time to engage in meaningful practices. He cited CEDAT as one of the busy colleges at Makerere University and advised students to have maximum concentration and utilize their time well during their academic journey.

He also called upon the freshers to contribute to Makerere University’s long built legacy when he said, “Makerere University’s vision is to become the leading institution for academic excellence and innovations in Africa. For centuries the institution has been one of the leading institutions in Africa. Please read and earn good grades to maintain this position, as you work for you name remember that there is a great name you are also building that is Makerere University. At the end of the day, we would like to see all of you graduating hence focus and have the best of your efforts.”

In her welcoming speech, the Deputy Principal College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology, Dr. Venny Nakazibwe congratulated the students upon joining Makerere university specifically CEDAT, one of the legendary colleges on the African continent.

DSC_0244Dr. Nakazibwe urged students to work towards excellence and as well accord respect to decisions made by the University authorities. “You are lucky to have joined CEDAT; one of the colleges with the best students not only at Makerere University but also in the country at large.  Work for the good of the College and the University at large.  Be known by the good works you have done, focus on what has brought you here and use their freedom well,” she said.

“You are opening a new page and you have to start right away. Check out your timetables and lecture rooms and always go to the right place to ask for the relevant information. Be confident that you have come to the right place since Makerere University is known worldwide,” said Dr. Nakazibwe.

The Manager-Counseling and Guidance Centre, Makerere University, Mr. Henry Nsubuga encouraged students to fully utilize the counselling and guidance services provided at the centre to free their mind of any problems that will deter them from achieving their academic goals and objectives.

“A sharp brain is always complimented by a free and healthy mind. You should always have reasons to be happy because happy people have been found to be more productive and generate better results. We have our past, present but also the future. We have come across many students with problems from the past which have led them to poor marks and loss of concentration. We want to help you get through this. Let your past not fail your future,” Mr. Nsubuga explained.

DSC_0211Representing the Dean of School of Engineering Prof. Umaru Bagampadde, the Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. John Baptist Kirabira, advised students to end the celebrations of joining the University and start working towards their success. The Prof. urged students to respect the university property and recommended them to respect their fellow colleagues and staff members.

“You have joined the university on your will not because of peer influence therefore when it comes to assessments and judgments, it will be you responsible for what you achieve and what you fail to achieve. Stay focused because when you are not focused you will make mistakes,” Prof.kilabika advised.

Dr. Moses Musinguzi, the Dean School of Built Engineering revealed to students the existence of the Sexual Harassment Policy and called upon students to reach out to his office in case they encounter a problem of the sort. He told them to be watchful and not to trust everybody around them. The Dean urged students to monitor their academic progress, stay away from malpractice and plagiarism.

The Dean School of Industrial and Fine Art, Dr. Kizito Maria Kasule, emphasized the importance of networking saying that it is the order of doing business today. However he warned them against choosing friend that can ruin their lives.

“Networking is the order of doing business. Choose your friends carefully. If you are weak in a particular course, choose someone who will help you,” said Dr. Kasule. Academically Dr. Kasule urged freshers to always do and finish their assignments on time and be honest while relating with fellow colleagues. According to him, being honest provides a peace of mind.

The College Bursar Mr. Steven Kayima encouraged students to pay tuition on time to avoid inconveniences. He also advised students to always make sure that they register on time and always make a proper follow up on their academic performances.

Ms. Mukama Proscovia, the College Librarian emphasized the issue of seeking knowledge from God since He gives success to those who acknowledge Him. She reminded freshers to register with the College library to be able to access its services.

The orientation meeting was organized by the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) and was attended by the new students, the Principal and Deputy Principal of the College, a representative from DICTS, Manager-Counselling and Guidance Centre and the entire college entire administration.

Article by Nakibombo Esther Joy, Intern- Makerere University Public Relations Office