DSC00245-1000CEDAT students yesterday April 15, 2013 got new leaders at a swearing-in ceremony witnessed by students and staff of the college. The ceremony which took place in the Conference Hall saw the different associations get new leaders.  The Principal, Assoc. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, who was the chief guest at the swearing-in and handover ceremony congratulated the new leaders upon being elected but also appreciated the contribution of the outgoing leaders to the college. He described the old guard as the most organised and cooperative student leadership he has worked with so far.

He called on the new leaders to not only emulate the outgoing leaders but do better for the good of the student body.

The Principal cautioned against the rowdy manner in which campaigns and elections were conducted. He advised against noise and putting posters in unauthorised places. He argued that while campaigns are going on, classes are also going on and it is only prudent that those campaigning respect those in class.

Dr Nawangwe congratulated the student body Electoral Commission on conducting a free and fair election. He also thanked the students contributing to a smooth transfer from the faculty system to the collegiate system.

He pledged administrative support to the new leaders and reminded them that the college has been and will continue to provide financial support to the student body.

The college provides financial support to the student body, which money has been used to organise various events including the CEDAT Open Day and the CEDAT Sports Gala among others.

Dr Nawangwe called on all students to join professional associations and also conduct weekly seminars that advocate professionalism. He asked all engineering to join the Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers (UIPE).

He praised the old leadership for accounting for the finances extended to the student body in time.

The new MES president, Mr Kiryowa, thanked the college administration for providing an enabling environment for students. He pledged to advocate for the rights of fellow students but also called on them to be disciplined and avoid confrontations with CEDAT and University administration.

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