1. Students of the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology have been commended for the innovations exhibited during the college’s annual Open Day. The guest of honour, Gen. Elly Tumwine, the Security Minister made the remarks on Friday October 26th after he toured the exhibits.
Gen. Tumwine and Eng. Badru Kiggundu inspect some of the student’s projects

The Minister, who is also an artist advised the students to always be creative thinkers.  He urged them to always think of why they want to do something before they embark on it. This way they address society challenges.  “We need to think beyond machines, we need to use our brains and our bodies. Always ask the question “How come…?” then look for the answer,” Gen. Tumwine advised.

Gen. Tumwine shared with the guests and students his story that has influenced his way of life and thinking. He said that as a child, he witnessed lightening strike their family house killing two of is brothers. The lightening left all four corners of the family house cracked. He however noted that the round hut in the compound was not damaged by lightening. This informed his decision to have a no-corner house. He challenged the architects to do research on round houses and their advantages.

“don’t do things for the sake of doing them. Ask why and have a purpose for doing them”

The other thing that influenced Gen. Tumwine’s decision to build a round house is his love for the long-horned cattle that he keeps. He argued that corners are a result of conflict and therefore things ought to be round and green like nature.

Gen. Tumwine Receives Portrait of him developed by Civil Engineering Student

He confirmed government’s interest in funding and supporting innovations. “Give the innovations all your best so that you start a sustainable business. I urge you to also learn marketing,” he said.

The discipline of marketing can be used reliably to drive business success. Most successful businesses have a marketing led approach throughout the entire organization.

Gen. Tumwine advised the students that to be able to succeed in life, they have to have two key things; relationships and discipline. He argued that if you have good relationships, then you can easily start a business but you need discipline to keep the business running and sustainable. He said that being at university is the best time for students to plan their future. He gave the listeners 4 questions which should guide them in decision making for a bright future.

  1. Where are we coming from?
  2. Where have we reached?
  3. Where do we want to go?
  4. How shall we get there?
Group photo of Gen. Tumwine and Eng. Kiggundu with the CEDAT Student leaders

These questions should help students plan a future, he advised. He advised students not to be like maggots whose life cycle is spent in a dirty place.

The Open Day was graced by Eng. Badru Kiggundu, the former Electoral Commission chairman and also former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.  Eng. Kiggundu paid tribute to the Late Dr. Moses Musaazi for his innovations which include Makapads, interlocking bricks as well as the low-cost housing scheme. He also paid tribute to the late Prof. Albert Rugumayo. Both scholars died in September 2018. He also commended the students for the innovations and thanked Gen Tumwine for finding the time to grace the occasion. The Principal of the college Prof. Henry Alinaitwe thanked the guest of honour for officiating at the Open Day. He thanked the government for the continued support towards research and innovations as well as infrastructure development.