CEDAT takes part in the open day for academic associations

On Friday the 17th of March, Makerere University through the Ministry of Academic Affairs held the open day for academic associations at the Freedom Square. The event was graced with multiple presentations from the different academic associations in the university alongside visits from students from secondary schools drawn from the region.

The Makerere Engineering Society actively participated in the event and was represented by 3 teams;

  • Team 1 (Amanya Obed, Travis Mutala and Otim Haron)

Pedestrian Bridge Models

The Civil Engineering 2nd year class presented design models of pedestrian bridges aimed at improving road safety for pedestrians in areas cited as difficult to cross such as Kikoni along the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road.

Pedestrian Bridge Models
  • Team 2 (Kooba Hillary, Travis Mutala)

Real-Time Sign to Speech Translator.

A software designed to support the mute to access facilities as any other person would by translating visual sign language input through a camera and translating it to text in real time for audio output. This would grand them the ability to communicate and interact with people without the need to know sign language.

This project was ranked 5th out of 16 teams in the pitching contest.

  • Team 3 (Abigaba Collin, Imelda, Ssegawa David, Kwezi Louis)

Lead Acid Battery Monitoring Device

The prototype is designed to continuously detect battery usage as the battery is running and notify the user (through visual LEDs and sound signals) when they are using the battery outside of recommended limits. This will ensure proper usage of batteries and therefore maintain them over extended periods of time extinguishing the need for frequent replacement especially in solar energy production and use.

Written by Mr. Travis Mutala, Bsc Civil Engineering, Student at MAK-CEDAT

Edited by Harriet Musinguzi, Principal Communication Officer, CEDAT