Change in 2011/2012 Semester dates

As the result of the closure of the University, Semester One activities were interrupted by three (3) weeks. Senate approved the new proposed 2011/2012 Semester Dates

  • Semester One: Sunday 25th September 2011 to Saturday 14th January, 2012 (16 weeks)
  • Semester One Vacation: Saturday 14th January 2012 to 28th January 2012
  • 62nd Graduation: Monday 16th to Friday 20th January 2012
  • Semester Two: Saturday 28th January 2012 to Saturday 26th May 2012 (17 weeks)
  • Semester Two Vacation: Saturday 26th May 2012 to Saturday 18th August 2012
  • Recess Term: Saturday 26th May 2012 to Saturday 4th August 2012 (10 weeks)

NB: The schedules for the Semester dates for the College of Health Sciences remains as had been earlier planned.

Download new 2011/2012 Semester dates here


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