Congratulations to 88th Guild President elect Alionzi Lawrence Dangote

88th Guild President Elect Lawrence Alionzi

The community at the College of Engineering Design, Art and Technology congratulates Mr. Alionzi Lawrence Dangote (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering)  upon his election as the 88th Guild President of Makerere University.

We wish you success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of this high office taking stewardship of the student community, Makerere University.

It is our prayer that you fulfil the promises you made and the trust of the electorate, by addressing the affairs of the students.

We take cognisance of the fact that Makerere University is a training ground for future leaders and we therefore wish you the best as you undertake your duties as Guild President but also as a leader of national repute who takes the affairs of the electorate at heart and this will be one of the ways through which the students and the entire University community can have mutual relations, peace and harmony. We also congratulate other students from College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology for winning different positions in the 88th Guild elections of Makerere University.

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