CREEC joins the World in Earth Day Celebrations

CREEC in partnership with GIZ joined the rest of the world in Earth Day celebrations on Sunday April 22nd. Earth Day is currently recognized and celebrated in over 175 countries worldwide. It’s a day when nations come together to appreciate the earth and find ways of protecting it from harmful activities.

This event commenced with an interactive exhibition from 3:00pm till 5:00pm just minutes after a heavy down pour. With this year’s Earth Day celebrations under the theme, “Renewable Energy for all”, CREEC staff promoted various ways of using energy efficiently while putting environmental and economic factors at the fore front.

They encouraged the use of solar lamps in homesteads instead of using traditional lighting ways like using tadoobas and hurricane lamps because solar lamps give better, clean light and they don’t require daily running costs. The team also promoted the use of MWOTO stove, a famous CREEC innovation that is not only economical but also uses alternative fuels and is energy saving. Some of those who witnessed the magic of the MWOTO stove were lucky to get a cup of coffee to warm their hearts that chilly afternoon.

GIZ’s Energy Explorers also participated in the exhibit by displaying some of their campaign exhibits that included the magic planet, solar kit and the hand generator among others.

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