Freshers Welcomed by CEDAT Administration

Prof. Alinaitwe addresses the freshers
Freshmen of the College during their orientation meeting with the College Administration

Tuesday 6th August 2019 has marked yet another significant event in the history of the College of Engineering, Design, Art, and Technology as the 2019/2020 first year students were oriented.

According to the attendance of the first-year students, the number of boys is way larger than the one of girls. However, girls were encouraged to show their ‘girl intellectual power’ and not to be intimidated because they are in the right place at the right time. The event was also attended by the Principal, Deputy Principal, and Deans of the different schools, Heads of Department, the college Registrar, the college Bursar, the Librarian and the college Counsellor as well as other members of staff.

The principal called on the students to be disciplined, saying Discipline is the source of all success. “Discipline means respect for self, peers, superiors, and for the rules and regulations that govern the University. You should at all times be clean and smart. Keep the premises in which you study clean. Do not litter. Avoid unbecoming behaviour and damage to University property,” he added.

First year’s registration; the college registrar Dr Alfred Tingo clarified to the new students all the necessary requirements for registration. Without registration one cannot be a bonafide member of the University. For one to register, one must have paid the functional fees and 60% of the tuition fees required. Enrolment onto the university AIMS system is one of the first steps of becoming a bonafide student.

Prof. Alinaitwe addresses the freshers
Prof. Alinaitwe addresses the freshers

The Dean School of Engineering Dr Dorothy Okello asked the students to do the best they can at the very beginning, to think of themselves as professionals in training and to start behaving the part. They were challenged to become flag bearers by becoming problem solvers in their communities. The college programs are specifically designed to look at the new world problems and address them fundamentally.

The Dean of the Margret Trowel School of Industrial Fine Art, Dr Kizito Maria Kasule told the Freshers to explore not only academia life but to also explore life responsibly. Dr Kizito said that their challenge is to leave a legacy, to fulfil their parents’ dreams and to use education to uplift their communities.

Guidance and counselling services are also available for the students.  The college counsellor Mrs Margaret Ssebuliba, emphasised that everybody needs counselling, there is no need to burnout with issues. The students were encouraged to always reach out to the counsellors before it is too late. The Guidance and Counselling centre is located opposite Mary Stuart Hall and is open from 8am to 5pm.

Dr Moses Musinguzi, the Dean school of the Built Environment cautioned students against cheating during exams, forging academic and university documents as well as fraud, saying these acts of indiscipline will lead to dismissal from the university. He also warned against sexual harassment and students soliciting for sex in exchange for better grades.

He advised students about the process of withdrawing from the university due to various challenges. Every student who chooses to withdraw for a certain period of time must get permission from the university. He/She must write a letter to the Dean of the particular school, seeking to withdraw and must give justification. The school must in return write to him authorising the withdraw. Anyone wo withdraws without permission from the college will not be reinstated.

The team from the Directorate of ICT, took the students through the progess of enrolment and also informed them of the various available ICT services in the university. They were told that the University has Internet kiosk to serve students that cannot access the internet on their phones or laptops. The kiosks are located at Senate, School of Gender studies, Africa Hall and College of Education. They were encouraged to use these services.

The Principal then gave the students a brief history of the college and introduced the different members of staff present at the meeting. He then urged the new students to remain disciplined and remember at all times what their core purpose is as students in the university. He encouraged them to also avoid extremism in politics, to avoid sexual relationships and other activities that may be harmful to their overall objectives as students.

The different heads of departments and deans also warmly welcomed the students and encouraged them that even if this marks the beginning of their journey through the university, they have their full support throughout.

The full remarks of the principal may be downloaded here.