GIS Fundamentals and Spatial Analysis Course – GIS Centre short Course

SIDA in collaboration with Makerere University GIS Centre has organised another cross-cutting course on Fundamentals of GIS and Spatial Data Analysis scheduled for Monday 14th to Friday 18th December 2020. In order to blend in with the new normal, the course will be conducted both online and physically at University GIS Centre. This will allow for adherence to the SoPS. Applicants should specify the option of their interest (physically attending or online).

The course is aimed at equipping students with knowledge and skills of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as an enabling technology to handle spatial data. Location has increasingly been identified as a major component of research data and hence the need of knowledge on how locational data manifests. This course will therefore, provide researchers with a fundamental understanding of spatial data models, data collection methods, database systems and manipulation of this data within software platforms all together composing a GIS.

Further details in the attached document