MES making a difference

The Makerere Engineering Society (MES) in collaboration with Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) on 26th September 2019 held an inspirational conference at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT). The conference aimed at inspiring the students at the college to standout wherever they shall go.

Participants at the workshop

Professor Henry Alinaitwe, the College Principal appreciated UEGCL for their time as CEDAT stakeholders. He referred to it as a commendable action. CEDAT signed a memorandum of understanding with UEGCL, which has resulted into a fruitful collaboration. The students were also challenged to emulate UEGCL’s good example, and to also demonstrate that they are employable in the organisations.

Mr Bogere Luis Tony a representative from The Vine Air an aviation and flight academy highlighted the merits of trying out the different areas outside the professions. “It’s not enough to be an Engineer only” Mr Bogere emphasised.

The students of CEDAT also exhibited some of their innovations such as the Makerere Engineering society APP (MES APP) and the WET TECHNIK TEAM. The MES APP developed by the CEDAT students is a great avenue for interaction. Ogwang Ronnie a fourth year student in the school of Engineering clarified the components of the APP for example student leaders’ profiles which would encourage interaction, uploading timetables and other events. According to Ogwang, it would relieve the lecturers and the college staff the load of moving up and down giving information to students.

The WET TECHNIK a team from CEDAT working at reducing the costs of water usage and environmental pollution by hazardous waste water through the use of constructed wetlands is highly commendable. It is a team that comprises of students from a multidisciplinary background focusing on waste water recycling. They have also participated in competitions such as WEGE PRIZE and have won international recognition. Currently, the Wet Technik team is working on a Pilot Plant at Africa Hall Makerere University. The team is not only innovative but also business minded, focusing on Potential Market of schools, institutions and Households.

Engineer Timothy Mubbala Noah, one of the panellists challenged the students to establish clear goals and know what they exactly want in life and from their profession. “Don’t discover later that you can’t recover” He emphasised.

Dr Muzafalu Kayondo, the keynote speaker, and a one-time MES general secretary appreciated the CEDAT leadership for allowing these kinds of leadership. He also challenged the students to use their skills to work on issues such as environmental monitoring especially in this era where climate change is a big deal. There is also need to encompass the ICT system for example in Geomatics information sciences and Geo-spatial technologies. “A circular economy is only possible with ICT” Dr Kayondo pointed out. He also appreciated the interdisciplinary level of engineering portrayed at CEDAT and also the collaborations especially as witnessed with the case of UEGCL.

Story by Namara Elizabeth