MTSIFA students design Communauts’ Logo

It is always a crucial and exciting moment in the history of a company: the creation of the logo. So it was for Communauts. They needed one wanted one that reflected their core values, their mission and which was created in Uganda. So here is how it evolved:

All the participants of the contest with Communauts Director Reto Urech (left), MD Anne Kalinzi (third from left) and lecturer Raymond Nsereko (third from right).

Communauts wants to create opportunities for Ugandan people wherever possible. That is why the organization partnered with Makerere University School of Industrial and Fine Arts and lecturer Raymond Nsereko. Communauts announced a design contest for his students and thus offered them their first real-life design challenge. After being briefed they started to work on it, some in teams, others indivudually. On the day of presentation and ceremony, communauts was excited to see so many different approaches, to experience the efforts and passion the students put into their work and designs.

The winning design was drafted by a team of four: Egessa Dervin, Nakazibwe Caroline, Namisi David, Makumbi James. The design reflects an African village, showing togetherness and the warmth of African culture.

The Communauts team expressed their excitement and appreciation for the new logo and were glad they engaged the MTSIFA students on this task.

About Communauts

Communauts is a social enterprise which aims for facilitation of livelihood improvement for rural communities while conserving the environment. Together with these communities, they develop attractive, sustainable and high quality products and market them to hotels, lodges, souvenir shops and other buyers.