NWSE Journal: Call for Abstracts

NBCBN-SEC would like to announce a new call for abstracts for Volume Five of The Nile Water Science & Engineering Journal.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 8th August 2012. To submit an abstract, please visit www.nilebasin-journal.com

Aim of the Journal

The main objective of the Nile Water science & Engineering Journal is to offer a platform for members of the Nile Basin Capacity Building NBCBN network to disseminate their research output in field of river engineering to the scientific and public and private professionals and communities active in the Nile basin at local, regional and international level. It aims at raising awareness of the Nile Basin countries on the scientific and technical issues related to the development and management of water resources within the Nile basin. A special focus is on young researchers from the basin to enhance their research skills through publications.

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