Search for Principal of CEDAT

DSC03216I would like to thank members of staff who made it for this morning’s public presentations for candidates contesting the position of Principal of CEDAT. The search committee was represented by Dr Anthony Mugisha and Mr Patrick Feni.

Dr Mugisha informed members present that the University has advertised the position of Principal of CEDAT and received one application, after which Senate agreed that the search process should go on. He also noted that because it is one candidate contesting this position, the CEDAT community will not vote.  We will only wait for communication from Senate.

As the procedure has previously been, people contesting for the positions of Deputy Principal and Principal have had to make public presentations to staff. Today, the only applicant for this position, Assoc. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, made his presentation to the members of staff that turned up in the Conference Hall at 12pm. The session saw Prof. Nawangwe detail his plan for CEDAT if appointed Principal.

Among the things he intends to do is improve staff welfare by starting a SACCO for interested members, this SACCO would help in inculcating a saving culture among staff but also help members that want to borrow money at a low interest.  He pledged to start a medical scheme for staff as well as encourage diversification of consultancy opportunities.


Student welfare is another component that he will be addressing by initiating welfare and educational programmes to supplement existing measures, growing structured mentorship programmes locally and internationally and introduction of weekly career and professional development seminars addressed by professionals from industry.

He pledged continued furnishing and rehabilitation of laboratories and full utilisation of ICTs in teaching and learning.

On improving support to research in the College, the Ag. Principal pledged to expand knowledge transfer partnerships, institutionalise collaboration with industry and develop of the college’s business and technology incubation capacity.

He also addressed the question of gender mainstreaming which he intends to address through enhancing career guidance for female students, continue with engendering CEDAT programmes and putting in place special measures to improve the proportion of women in the academic staff.

With the growing oil industry, venturing into new consultancy areas such as petroleum exploration would be a source of income for the College, Prof. Nawangwe noted. This will be accompanied by cultivating of relationships with donors and engagement of the CEDAT Alumni, he said.

The session ended at 1:30pm.

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