The College of Engineering Design Art and Technology, Makerere University together with the Greenwich School of Management, UK on the 28th of February 2012 arranged and participated in a one day seminar on oil and gas management.

The seminar, hosted by CEDAT was held in her conference hall full was aimed at forerunning a partnership between Greenwich School of Management and Makerere University (College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology), in which the two will host joint courses in Oil and Gas Management. I was also aimed at showing relevance of Oil and Gas courses to Uganda and highlightinng the long term benefits that can be gained to all spheres of industry with particular emphasis on the Insurance sector.

The Guest Speaker, Mr. Simon Cartwright has had over 40 years in the Insurance Industry over 30 of which have been specializing in Oil and Gas Insurance. He has specialized in analyzing Production Sharing Agreement documents and advising governments on the best way to take advantage of Oil and gas revenues so that these can leave a lasting legacy even after Oil has dried up. He has been retained as consultant in countries like Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Iraq, Timor, Leste, Ghana and Georgia.

While addressing the guests at the seminar, Simon discussed the topics of Environment, Removal of facilities once Production agreement expires, Insurance, Local Laws, Cost Recovery, Transparency, Monitoring and Compliance and Training.

In his address, Simon stressed emphasized that The oil companies that sign the PSA’s with the Governments usually have an upper hand when drafting these agreements because they have more experience in that area. He advised the government of Uganda to absorb as much knowledge as possible from and to ensure that the agreements they sign with the oil companies include key factors like a training budget, safe removal of excavation equipment after mines have been depleted to ensure environment protection, among others.

Uganda was recently discovered to have a wealth of oil wells of oil in Hoima, Western Uganda. These commercial oil deposits of about 2.5 billion barrels have been estimated have the capacity to produce more than 60,000 barrels per day. Uganda the pearl of Africa has been having its largest source of economy in agriculture. The recent oil exploration in Uganda is bound to boost the economy and raise the standards of living in Uganda.

The Minister of State for Environment, Hon. Flavia M. Nabugere, appreciated the organization of this seminar and welcomed it saying “I am highly blessed and honoured to be here to listen to these important revelations. This has ushered in information on oil and gas hence broadening our understanding of the oil and gas sector.” She appreciated the new insights and collaborations that the seminar brought and added that “with this kind of exposure, highly qualified specialists to explore and manage our natural resources will be birthed and empowered.

Apart from the Minister of State for Environment, the seminar was attended by key Government officials in the Ministries of Energy & Education, officials from National Oil Companies, key members in the Insurance & Oil Industries in Uganda and other private investors.


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