Students’ Associations hold joint handover

The Makerere Engineering Society (MES), Makerere Association of Surveying Students (MASS)Makerere Association of Construction Management Students (MAC) and Makerere University Fine Arts Students Association (MUFASA) on Friday 30th March 2012 held a joint handover Ceremony at the CEDAT Conference Hall.

This ceremony marked the official hand over of office and tools of power from the old students associations leaders (out going cabinet of 2010/2011) to the incoming student leaders (2011/2012).

Among the invited guests to oversee the event, the principal of the College thanked the students for their new found organization. Although many students were encouraging the formation of a joint association, Dr. Nawangwe encouraged the students to keep their originality and unique identities in their respective associations because these associations are feeding into professional bodies.

The invited chief guest, Member of Parliament, Mr. Gerald Karuhanga urged the incoming members of the students executives to employ ethics and integrity in their term of office. The chief guest then urshered the entire group to officially open the “Bamboo House”.

According to Engineer Samuel Kapasa, the assistant coordinator of the Bamboo Project at Makerere University, the two roomed, six square metre bamboo house at the College of Engineering cost USD20,000 (Shs48m), which is far cheaper than a similar house constructed using concrete and steel. For more on the bamboo project, please visit

The bamboo house at CEDAT has been set aside to house the offices of the Students Associations.


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