University Restructuring Committee meets with CEDAT Staff

The University restructuring committee on 9th April 2021 met with the staff of the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology to discuss how the College’s structures and strategic plan fits into the university strategic plan.

Makerere University’s 2020-2030 strategic plan seeks to transform the university into a vibrant, professionally managed and research-led university.

The strategic plan is driven by four major goals which include: Investing and championing impact research; Promoting innovations and academic excellence; Professionalism, inclusivity, equity and diversity; and Establishing relevant partnerships with government, private sector, local communities and international actors.

The restructuring committee, headed by Eng. Dr. Stephen Kagoda sought to gather information about the College’s structure and staffing, centres of excellence and research institutes, knowledge transfer partnerships, among others. The committee also sought ideas from members of staff on how the current university’s structures and processes can be improved upon.

The committee was welcomed by the Deputy Principal, Dr. Venny Nakazibwe, who in her remarks thanked the university for the initiative and the committee members and staff present for their time and participation in the exercise.

In her presentation, Dr. Nakazibwe gave the committee insight into how the college is run, what structures exist and what challenges the college is facing. The deputy principal then listed recommendations for the College that would make administration and operations at the college more effective.

Some of these recommendations included: The need for funding for the Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, the need to hire a College grants officer, the need to include the College systems administrator into the College establishment and the need for college registrars in charge of graduate students.

Members of staff present also were given the opportunity to share their opinions on how management of the college and its structures can be improved and aligned to the university strategic plan.