Two officials from Benadir University in Somalia have visited the Principal and met with him, deans and chair of departments.  Mohamed Abdukadir Nur, the Vice Rector and Dr Mohamed Mohamoud Hassan, the Dean, Faculty of Medicine want to establish collaboration with Makerere University. They want to learn from Makerere as well as offer us a new window. They want to review their curriculum with the help of Makerere University, engage in student and staff exchange as well as post-graduate training. They intend to explore the possibility of quotas for Benadir students as well as admissions for Benadir staff to CEDAT.

The two officials, who were happy to be here, noted that the collaboration will allow their young university to grow. Benadir University was started in 2002 and has seven (7) faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Civil and Electronic engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Education, Computer Science, IT, Sharia Law, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.  It has a student population of 1,300.

The Principal of CEDAT,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barnabas Nawangwe stated that this is a very welcome collaboration and the CEDAT Administration is looking forward to the future of this new found partnership. He also stated that the Administration would do everything possible to support it.


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