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Makerere Association of Construction Management Students


The Makerere association of construction management students (MAC) is an association based at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT). It was formed in November 2009 by Mr. Muhindo Abraham, a former construction management student who critically analysed the various challenges and hardships that students pursuing this crucial and fundamental course faced. He thus found the need to create a link between students and the administration. He became the 1st president of this great association.

Young as it is, the association boasts of a well inter linked network of personalities that treasure its existence and activities across the built environment and engineering fields.


Who are construction managers?

These are professionals who plan, direct and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects, including building of all types of residential, commercial and industrial structures, roads, bridges, waste water treatment plants, canals, schools, and hospitals among others.

Managers may oversee an entire project or just part and may play a very fundamental role in timely completion of cost effective and quality projects. The construction manager heads the construction team that may comprise of engineers, architects, surveyors and other trades. Therefore decisions made by the manager are very crucial to the success of any project.


“To promote managerial skills and career development in construction by providing adequate information, proper industrial relation, and a platform for the construction management students to the construction industry.’’


Aims and objectives

  1. To promote career development in construction through seminars, conferences, films, talks, association journals, flyers, and the internet.
  2. Create a platform for construction management students in the university and act as a medium of communication between staff, students body in matters of; academics, social, and economic wellness.
  3. Promote good perpetual industrial relations and connections between student members and construction companies, bodies and organizations whose activities have significant relevance to our training and profession.
  4. Create a construction manager’s data base for all student members and professional in the field, that were part of the association. This is to foster quick and easy access to construction managers here and after completion of studies.
  5. To foster a spirit of loyalty and warm relationship among the graduates, former students, current administrators, faculty, and students.
  6. To initiate and support activities in a cooperative spirit which will enhance and benefit the relationship between the University and the members of the Association.
  7. To create a dedicated and self-motivated student body with total integrity, continuously identify and address needs of members, as well as enhancing proper management through maximizing efficiency, reliability and exploring new developments in construction.
  8. To protect its members affected in due of carrying out association duties.


Ordinary members: The Association is composed of the undergraduate students that are pursuing a Bachelors degree in Construction Management, post graduate course in construction project management and other construction management course in technology.

Senior Members: these are members of the association on the teaching staff with a bias in the construction management field

Associate members: these comprise of former ordinary members of the association who are not on campus and anybody the association may so wish to nominate as an associate member when and where necessary.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote good perpetual industrial relations and connections among students and their related industry
  • To promote career development in construction and building environment
  • To create a construction managers database for all student members and foster spirit of loyalty and togetherness among graduates, former students, administrators, college and students
  • Act as platform for CM students in the university and mediate communication issues with college administration which are especially academic, social and developmental affairs.

MAC Activities

  • Annual elections of student leaders from construction management that are registered with the association.
  • Seminars and conferences on career motivation, capacity building and career development, in the construction management field.
  • Academic/study trips in and outside the country.
  • Beach bashes
  • Annual ‘Achievers award’ to the most outstanding CM student in a particular academic year.
  • Annual technology manager’s week. During the week construction management students shall display inventory, participate in community services, attend career guidance seminar and wind it with a dinner. Other activities during this week shall be predetermined by the executive members as they fit in programme.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Career Development and Capacity building in Construction Management.

Contact Us

Bamboo Project  House.
Outside Technology New Building
Email: macpresident@CEDAT.mak.ac.ug