Historical Background

Makerere University Fine Arts Students Association (MUFASA) is an association at the Margaret Trowell School of  and Fine Arts. Bachelor of industrial and fine arts is a program with diverse practical and theoretical skills. The school of industrial and fine arts is collectively built along students’ effort. Students are organized under an umbrella of Makerere University Fine Arts Students Association (MUFASA). MUFASA was formed in the 1890s and it has since then had different leaderships such as   Dr. Kizito Maria Kasule  the current Head Department Fine Art in the School of Industrial and Fine Arts who was president in 1991 and more others.


Aims and Objectives

  • To provide more information that shall allow students make right choices from the diverse BIFA course-units as preferred.
  • To establish contacts and cooperation with organizations, institutions or people for purposes of promoting the interests of the association and its interests.
  • To exploit, promote and utilize the talents, knowledge, experience and capabilities of its members.
  • To link students to the administration.
  • To participate where possible and practicable in the academic enhancement in our Alma matter and her general development To foster the interaction of members of the association at all levels for purposes of enhancing an academicable academic and social relationship.
  • To establish contact and cooperation with organizations, institutions or persons for purposes of promoting the interests of the association.
  • To exploit, promote and utilize the talents, knowledge, experience and capabilities of different members through social and economic activities for the development of the association, school and the members of the association.
  • To enter into projects or acquire possession of property, that will or may accrue to the association and do or perform such things with such property with the intention of raising funds for the association.

MUFASA activities

The activities we do  under the association are diverce and include the following:

  • The  annual  freshers’ party.
  • The annual leavers beach party.
  • Annual sports galla.
  • Open exhibitions.
  • Annual workshops and exchange programmes.
  • And other important activities that come up.

Future prospects

We are planning on running a bi-annual magazine.

Establishment of the E-learning environment To be the centre for art and design excellence through interacting with society and boosting talents amongst artists to ensure a sustainable industrial, social and economic needs of the community.

The association hopes to run the areas of Illustration, Weaving, Fashion, Textile, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Communication design, Painting, Art History, Entrepreneurship and Business administration, Photography, Jewelry, Fabrics, Ceramics and all the Visual arts. Therefore, all these shall always be covered in all the issues of this project that shall be researched to promote the students innovation. The association shall build a dynamic and flexible system to cater for all the new innovations and creations that shall aid the strengthening of the association and the college.

  • Target building students experience in the field. Have adequate preparations for the immediate life after school.
  • To promote entreprenual skills among students in areas such as product improvement, marketing and solution based approaches to issues.
  • To improve students and society attitude towards art.
  • To expose what we do to the society.

MUFASA Executive members 2011-2012

Name Designation
Abu Mwesigwa A President
Regina Namuwemba VicePresident
Janice Kirabo Speaker
Naigwe Fiona Treasurer
Edwin Danze General secretary
Anderu Immmaculate Mali Organisational Secretary
Musana Emmanuel Project and proposal secretary
Magaret Ilwanu Welfare Secretary
Julius Kamya Entertaiment and Sports Secretary
Daniel Musumba Publicity Secretary
Judith Tusubira Academic and Library Secretary
Tom Wookulira Foreign affairs Secretary
Patrick Tumwesigye Project Cordinator
Nathan Kintu Guild representative
Pamera Guild representative

Contact us

Office of the president MUFASA

Bamboo House outside Technology new building
or  MTSIFA premises near the canteen.
Makerere  University
Tel: +256 782 133 762 / +256 773 472 636
Email: amwesigwa@newvision.co.ug/ amwesigwa@yahoo.com/