An Assessment of Clients’ Performance

Title: An Assessment of Clients’ Performance in having an Efficient Building Process in Uganda
Authors: Henry Alinaitwe
Keywords: roles, clients, building, productivity, performance, Uganda
Issue Date: 2008

Over the years researchers have paid little attention to the performance of the clients in the building industry. Much of the research on improvement of performance of the construction industry has mainly focused on contractors and the supply chain. The performance of a client is important because any decision made will affect project success. Failure on the part of the client might lead to stress factors causing significant problems in successive stages of the project. This research is an investigation into the roles of the client to find out whether clients in the building industry in Uganda are playing their part. Due to the non-specific nature of clients, a guided questionnaire survey was carried out among archi­tects who normally work with different types of clients. The majority of the building clients in Uganda are individuals followed by limited liability companies. It was found out that delay by clients in paying the contractors is a major factor affecting the performance of contractors. Almost all clients do not support training of the workers in its different forms. Construction works start before the designs are completed and the majority of the variations is due to incomplete briefs and designs. Many clients or their representatives do not attend meetings as regularly as would have been necessary. This study reveals information that will help clients in their future projects for ensuring successful building project implemen­tation.

Published in: Journal of Civil Engineering and Management  2008 14(2): 73-78


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