Contractors’ Perspective on Critical Factors

Title: Contractors’ Perspective on Critical Factors for Successful Implementation of Private Public Partnerships in Construction¬†Projects in Uganda
Authors: Henry Alinaitwe
Keywords: roles, clients, building, productivity, performance, Uganda
Issue Date: 2011

Developing countries like Uganda are in dire need of infrastructure development and some countries are venturing into Private Public Partnerships (PPPs). In Uganda for example, the ministry in charge of finance has been trying to find ways of implementing projects funded using PPP arrangements. PPPs are risk sharing investments in the provision of public goods and services, seen by governments as a means to launch investment programs, which would not have been possible within the available public-sector budget, within reasonable time. However, there is no in-depth analysis of the critical factors that are likely to affect the success of PPP projects in Uganda. The objective of the present paper is to address the aforementioned gap and contribute to the knowledge base of success factors for PPP projects in developing countries using Uganda as a base for data collection. Success factors were identified from the literature and validated using interviews with the relatively big contractors. Using a questionnaire survey on managers of construction firms, the factors were rated. The factors were then ranked using the Coefficient of Variation on availability and ease of improvement of the factors for their ratings. Lack of projects that are technically, economically and socially viable are the most critical factors to address. The PPP policies being proposed and about to be implemented should take into account the major factors identified.

Presented at: Second International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology


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