Kampala water treatment plant (Ggaba II) was evaluated in terms of performance, design, operationand maintenance. The evaluation was done across the dry and wet seasons, measuring physicalchemicalparameters. Receding water level of Lake Victoria combined with poor quality of water atthe intakes affected the supply of water in Kampala and the neighbouring districts. There wasconsiderable increase in the colour of about two fold at the intake works during the period 1997 to2005 with increased chemical usage to achieve acceptable standards. The conditions of operation andmaintenance were also found to be deficient with some design and construction problems as well. Theannual mean colour of the finished water was found to be significantly above the National standardvalue of 15 PtCo with 53.4% of samples not compliant. 21.6% and 9.3% of the samples taken werenot compliant with the WHO pH and turbidity values respectively.


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