This research analyses the causes of accidents on building construction sites inUganda. Data were obtained from labour offices and accidents registers from around thecountry. More information where required was obtained by interviews with contractors and workers who were affected. Results indicated that collapse of building elements and improperuse of machinery cause most of the fatalities. Workers being hit by objects and falls are themost common causes of accidents on building projects. Accidents that occurred permanentlyreduced the capacity of workers who are involved by 37 percent on average. Labourers arethe most vulnerable workers followed by masons, carpenters and plant operators. Theresearch seems to suggest that as the percentage of permanent incapacity increases, therelative number of such accidents reduces exponentially until there is a step increase for fataland near fatal accidents. Reducing the incidences of accidents is important in Constructionfor Development.

Keywords: Labour, Building Sites, Safety and health, Accidents, Productivity, Uganda.


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